“Before I worked with Dr. Omolara I felt uneasy about my next steps. I was in a new environment and needed coaching on how to navigate in a place where I would be under constant critique but wanted to ensure that I remained true to myself. After working with Omolara, I have been able to build up my confidence and help me realize that I have put in the work, I have developed the knowledge and expertise, and I have achieved my success for a reason. My favorite part of getting coaching from her is that she’s down to earth and it’s a no judgment zone. She truly has your best interest at heart and wants you to be the BEST YOU in all areas of your life. Working with Omolara is inspiring, uplifting, and necessary. I can honestly say I am a better person from working with her. I have developed a better sense of self worth and balance. And seriously, watching her work ethic, her passion, her work/life balance, her confidence, and the audacity she has to do it all will make anybody question why isn't it possible for me?”

- Camille Manuel, MD

“Dr. Omolara has been very helpful on my career and personal development path. My favorite part is that she creates a comfortable and honest coaching environment that fosters the creation of personal goals and actionable steps. I always leave our conversations more confident and inspired to accomplish my goals. She showed me that you don't have to limit yourself in life. She showed me that you can pursue all your gifts- as doctor and businesswoman- and still practice self-care and improvement. "”

- Kelly Gilgeours, MD

Before joining MPOWERED, I felt very conflicted about the direction of my career. I had just taken a non-clinical position that offered almost everything I wanted in terms of mentorship and leadership but I knew that there were some things that I needed to accomplish in order to feel fulfilled. I knew what I wanted to get but I didn't know how I wanted to get there. After working with Dr. Omolara, I now have the tools.

-Meyeneobong Inyang, MD

Dr. Omolara is real. She understands what physicians and working mothers of color are going through. She empowered me through knowledge and skills that changed my current circumstances. It was a great experience.

- Abena Appiah-Kubi, MD

Dr. Omolara solidified my vision for entrepreneurship and created a roadmap and strategy for making my vision a reality.

- Jacqueline Douge, MD

I started this program feeling discouraged and burdened with everything going around and felt I had missed my purpose. I have come a long way and can even say, I now have the drive that I thought I had lost. I have been able to speak to key stakeholders and build a support team to achieve my vision.

- Jackie Owusu-Mckenzie, MD